During the Agritechnica fair I ran into with the CEO of a large tractor manufacturer. He asked how things were going in Hall 26.

“Do you get a lot of attention to the new Roberine?” He asked, while laughing.

I replied that we had nothing to complain concerning the number of visitors. Pretty much all of John Deere dealers came to see the new lawn mowers of Roberine. Machinery that has been awarded with the best design award, during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. We are proud and they were full of praise. He could imagine that. His face contorted when I said they were even more impressed by Greenbot. Not only the regular visitors were impressed, the international press was able to find the Dutch Power Company’s stand in hall 26.

I could see on his face that he did not believe me.

“In the mean time I have given about forty interviews and almost all the engineers of the top tier brands came to have a look.”

His face contorted again. I asked him if he thought whether they still would need an entire hall for their tractors in four years time. He hurried his goodbye.